Help The Children's Society build a safety net for children who run away from home.

Celebrities support young runaways

Actors, journalists, comedians endorse our campaign

We are fortunate to have several well-known supporters of our Make Runaways Safe campaign. Actors, journalists, editors and others have lent their support.

They include: Jenny Agutter, Ed Byrne, Lindsey CoulsonIan Hislop, Tina Hobley, Sharon HorganBrooke Kinsella, Laurence Llewelyn-BowenNeil Morrissey, Mary Nightingale, Chris O'Dowd, Paul O'Grady, Zoe Salmon and Georgia Taylor.

Please read their endorsements. 

actress Jenny AgutterJenny Agutter

'Tens of thousands of children who run away every year never get the support they need. Many have nowhere to turn and find themselves homeless. Tragically, most are never reported missing. I've met youngsters who’ve been homeless and have heard of the appalling risks they face daily living on the streets.

'That’s why I’m supporting the Make Runaways Safe campaign, which is pressing for all the agencies involved, the government, local authorities and the police, to work together to provide a national safety net for these children and to help give them a future to look forward to.'

Jenny Agutter's website 

Ed ByrneEd Byrne

'Runaway children, thousands of them every year, wind up living on the streets with all the risks that entails. I've worked with homeless youngsters and I know they face abuse, violence and exploitation every day. That's why I'm supporting the Make Runaways Safe campaign - we need to protect each and every one of these vulnerable children.'

Ed Byrne's website 

Lindsey CoulsonLindsey Coulson

'It's more than ten years since I started supporting charities caring for vulnerable children and much longer since The Children's Society began protecting runaways.

'It saddens me that many thousands of children still feel compelled to run from their own homes and then face fear, violence and exploitation with no one to turn to. Their welfare should be a national priority, so please help Make Runaways Safe.'

Lindsey Coulson on

editor Ian Hislop sitting at his deskIan Hislop

'I hope this worthwhile campaign is quite literally a runaway success. They deserve it.'

Private Eye, the magazine Hislop edits ( redirects to the magazine's website)

Actress Tina HobleyTina Hobley

'As a mother of three, it fills me with deep sadness to hear of the number of young people who are forced to run away from their homes every day in the UK.

'I hope that the Make Runaways Safe campaign will bring much needed awareness to a problem that could be helped significantly by the provision of support, and a safe haven, for these troubled children.'

Tina Hobley's website

Sharon Horgan smilingSharon Horgan

'We must protect children who run away and try to find out what makes them so unhappy.

'With this campaign I really feel that we can make a difference to these young people's lives.'

Sharon Horgan on

actress Brooke Kinsella MBEBrooke Kinsella MBE

'It is terrifying that so many children and young people are finding themselves in situations where they feel they have no choice but to run away from home or care.

'I fully support The Children's Society's Make Runaways Safe campaign and feel it is vital that a safety net for young runaways is put in place. Many of these children and young people have nobody to turn to and are in urgent need of support. Through my work with young people I have seen just how dangerous the streets are and how many of them can end up harmed, resorting to crime and violence, or finding themselves totally alone and at risk of sexual exploitation.

'I have seen first-hand the great work of The Children's Society and how this organisation helps vulnerable children and young people in need of vital support. I wish them every success with this campaign and I am proud to be a part of it.'

The Ben Kinsella Trust

Laurence Llewelyn-BowenLaurence Llewelyn-Bowen

'We hit lumps and bumps like any family, every family faces issues. But it would be my worst nightmare for one of my daughters to run away. It would break my heart if they felt they had no other option.

'The Make Runaways Safe campaign has such resonance with us, as parents of teenage girls, who make up such a large part of the runaway statistics. 

'I wholeheartedly support The Children’s Society as it aims to support these children and give them some hope for the future.'

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's website

Actor Neil MorrisseyNeil Morrissey

'I grew up in care and I know how tough it is for vulnerable young people to survive on the streets. With little support many end up in prostitution or prison and that’s a fate facing tens of thousands of children who run away every year.

'I'm backing The Children’s Society’s campaign because I feel strongly that vulnerable young people are not protected in the way they should be. I wholeheartedly believe agencies must work together to ensure they can Make Runaways Safe.'

Neil Morrissey on 

Actress Mary NightingaleMary Nightingale

'I was shocked to find more than 100,000 children run away each year and I was appalled to find there is no comprehensive service to support these youngsters. As a parent myself I find the risks these runaways face daily on the streets absolutely chilling.

'The Make Runaways Safe campaign certainly has my complete support.'

Mary Nightingale on Twitter 

Actor Chris O'DowdChris O’Dowd

'The latest statistics from The Children’s Society are shocking - tens of thousands of children running away every year. Many of them find themselves on the streets, facing hunger, cold and adults who want to exploit them.

'We need to make sure there’s a safety net in place across the UK that can support these youngsters. Let’s help them get their childhood back.' 

Chris O'Dowd on Wikipedia 

Paul O'GradyPaul O’Grady

'I'm backing The Children's Society's campaign to Make Runaways Safe 100 per cent. Tens of thousands of desperate youngsters, some as young as eight, run away and find themselves with no one to turn to. Many end up sleeping rough and begging or stealing to survive.

'I firmly believe there should be a national safety net of services to keep them from harm.'

Paul O'Grady's website 

Actress Zoe SalmonZoe Salmon

'It's hard to believe that every five minutes in this country a child runs away from home or care – that's tens of thousands every year. Many of them are never even reported to the police.

'I believe the Make Runaways Safe campaign will highlight these "invisible" young people and help secure the support they so desperately need.'

Zoe Salmon's website 

Actress Georgia TaylorGeorgia Taylor

'In Casualty I played the part of a young woman whose adult life is marred by her deeply unhappy childhood. It was only fiction, but it reflects the reality in thousands of homes across the country where youngsters feel they have no choice but to run away.

'I’m backing this campaign to Make Runaways Safe because I believe, as a society, we must try to protect these vulnerable young people and give them a new start.' 

Georgia Taylor on 


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