Help The Children's Society build a safety net for children who run away from home.


The Children's Society operates nine projects in England to keep children out of harm when they are forced out of their homes and face abuse, sexual exploitation and homelessness on the street.

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Your donation today could help someone like Kris who turned up on the doorstep of one of our projects late last Christmas Eve. He’d taken the train to escape ongoing abuse from a relative. 

He didn’t have any possessions other than the clothes he was wearing, and didn’t know anyone in the area. We found Kris a safe bed for the night and looked after him on Christmas Day and Boxing Day to make sure he was all right. We continued to work with Kris and his family to find a solution and he is now safe.

This year over 100,000 young children will run away from home because of neglect or violence and your donation can help turn their lives around one at a time.

What your regular donation means for a young person

£5 could pay for children to attend workshops about the dangers on the street if they run away.

£10 could pay for children being bullied at school to have sessions with a specialist project worker.

£20 could pay for counselling young runaway children who have been sexually exploited.

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What your one-time donation means for a young person

£25 could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway.

£50 could secure a phone for a project worker so they can be contacted by children in danger.

£100 could pay for a family to have mediation sessions to try and resolve conflict at home.

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